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She lied to get the job

The Truth Will Set You Free Is a Crazy Idea! 

The truth will set you free quote, I don’t remember the first time in my life someone spouted this line of BS. But everyone spouts it and it is not true. I would like you to think back in your life and remember the times telling the truth got you out of trouble. It Did Not Happen, so stop trying to tell another lie. 

Only the very high IQ people notoriously tell the truth because their too stupid to understand that the rest of the world gets it. I would say not EVERYONE just most.  

For most, the truth is frightening, it makes them have to look at themselves. It takes a powerfully strong and secure person to hear the truth about themselves. Most people, will swear up and down and on a stack of bibles they want the truth. The minute they get it, everything becomes uncomfortable and someone else’s fault.  

The average person’s emotions have not evolved enough to hear the truth. A life of lies and deceit, that is what they truly want. I suggest if you want to be successful in today’s world. You learn to lie at a young age, and learn to do it very well. You develop a truth filter. If it doesn’t make people feel good, don’t say it. 

The next thing, do not sympathize with misery. women and men want everyone to be just like them, especially when they are miserable. Stay away from people that try to lay their BS on you. Miserable is like spilled paint, if you don’t clean it up and toss it in the trash right now. You end up tracking it all over your life. Left a bit longer and you can’t clean that shit up with a wire brush.  

People don’t like the truth because it makes them feel fear, insecurity, immaturity, insensitively and less than.

People also especially have a hard time with others that have good fortune.  

Their first thought is where is mine???  

No one ever thinks, wow that is really is great for you! 

In Conclusion

So, don’t believe the bull shit about the truth will set you free. You should learn to lie and lie often. That’s how you get ahead in life. For the most part, that’s the only way to make other people comfortable, they want you to lie, just like them. One big happy family of lairs.

The Old Man

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