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A Grandfathers Remorse 

A Grandfathers Remorse:

To my son and daughter, We tried so hard to make things better for you we made them worse.  

For my grandchildren, this is a list of things that need fixed. 

  • A church family that cares more for you, than what you are wearing. 
  • Sitting on the bucket while your father makes homemade ice cream. 
  • Learn to dig in the dirt and read books.  
  • Fishing poles, a bucket of worms and leftover meat loaf sandwiches, that’s all you need. 
  • Letting your brother/sister tag along when your friends go to a movie. 
  • An old car you paid for. 
  • Learn honesty by being cheated. 
  • Learn to standup for those who cannot. 
  • Milk a cow and feed a baby calf. 
  • Learn to add and subtract in your head. 
  • Figure out kissing is better than texting. 
  • Understand, liars lie and can’t stop lying. Don’t waste your time on them. 
  • Popular today, is going to look stupid tomorrow. 
  • Hard work does not always lead to happiness. 
  • Tough times and disappointment they will come no matter what you do. 
  • I sure hope you make time to sit on the porch with grandpa. 

These things I wish for you, it’s not a complete list but a great start on one. 

The Old Man 

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