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A life In A Week, To Do as You Please

Day one I were 3, me was all I could see.

Day two was 13, time to be free, nothing could stop my friends and me.

Day three was 23, the love of my life was all I could see, joining together we had made three.

Day four was 33, the new house what a chore, now work is life, we work more and more.

Day five was 43, dreams once chased, turned into a war, no vision of hope was life anymore.

Day six was 53, a sickness had found her, prevented it was not, I wish back we could have, the days at the doc.

Today is Day seven and 63 you will find me, on bended knee I wait, praying to be set free.

Heed this warning, or mourning like me, when discovering your life wasted, by overlooking week three. 

By The Old Man

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