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Ten Tricks to a Gas Grill

First, and probably the most important of all is a clean grill.  

This simple step is the most overlooked once clean it will reduce the chances of flare-ups and incessant smoke, The high temperature will burn the outside of food and impart a bad flavor. Many people simply turn the grill on high for 10 to 15 minutes to let the heat burn off the grease or then scrape off any residue from the grill grates. A lot of the grease does get burnt off during a high-temperature “clean,” but not all of it. Using a grill brush will help remove stuck-on food, but it also pushes the debris into the grill itself. 

You will be way better off cleaning the food that falls into the grill, the ash deposits, and other gunk before starting the grill to prevent the gunk that remains inside the grill. This simple step could keep you from the perfect flavor of a $50 steak. 

Remove the grates and burner covers before you start thoroughly clean the grill. If you haven’t been doing this you will quickly notice a difference in how your grill performs. 

Second understand Heat and Sugar   

Barbecue chicken dripping with sauce or ribs coated with a flavorful rub are often a cookout favorite. Understand sugar burns easily, so there is a risk of burning or blackening foods with sauces or rubs that contain sugar. Keep your grilling temperature below 265 F (130 C) to prevent charring. This is similar to the “low and slow” style of barbecue, which may take a lot longer to cook but will almost guarantee a successful outcome. 

Third is Control the Flare-Ups  

Fire is the grill is kind of the point but turn your back for a second and you’re looking for the water bottle. Yep, a water spray bottle, always try to keep a portion of your grill empty so you can move the food should a flare-up occur. When you do have a flare-up, move the food away from it and let the flare-up burn off with the grill lid up. If needed mist a bit of water over the flare to control the heat. If the fire spreads, remove all food from the grill and let the fire burn off the grease as quickly as possible.  

Successful grilling means paying attention to the grill. This is particularly true for burgers, chops, and steaks, which are usually cooked at a hot temperature very quickly. Have all your preparations done before the food hits the grill and keep an eye on what you’re grilling. If you, don’t you are just asking for an out-of-control Grill. 

If you’re even thinking about stepping away go ahead and toss your food to the dogs and go get a beer. It never fails as soon as you turn your back, the dogs get to eat burnt steak. 

You know in hindsight it’s more like three rules of life. You get “good, fast, cheap” pick any two.  

If you have a gas grill “fast and cheap” was your choice. Don’t expect the steak to be Good. 

The Old Man 

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