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A powerful exhortation from Dr. Lester Sumrall: “Notice that the demon possessed man in Luke 4:31-37 did not cry out with a loud voice until Jesus got there.  

Those people sang their songs, said their prayers, read their scriptures, and the devil enjoyed it all.  

But when the power of God came on the scene, suddenly the devil became upset. Why?  

Religious ceremony is no threat to him. We can hold regular church services and demon possessed people can sit right through them right beside you and be undisturbed. 

But when the glory of God is manifested and the Spirit of God is moving, the devil can’t stand it. Operating in the supernatural will cause demons to be uncomfortable. 

If not, it might just be too natural without any super.” 

A few years ago, I was asked what I believe is a great and important question:  

“Pastor Gil, how will I know if my local church is a carnal church?”  

My reply? God’s Word instructs us that the local church is supposed to supernaturally influence the world as light and salt. (See Matthew 5:13-16), however, the 21st Century Church today is being very heavily influenced by the world.  

Ezekiel 22:26 gives a very strong rebuke to those who make no distinction between that which is common and that which is holy.  

A congregation that has no distinction from the world is close to extinction.  

It doesn’t matter how mega-large it gets.  

Having said this, here are some signs that a local church is a carnal church.  

The signs are self-explanatory:  

1 – The pastor preaches only what is popular and avoids what is culturally controversial.  

2 – There is no standard for membership or those serving in the local church.  

3 – Premarital sex and cohabitation between unmarried couples are normalized in the local church.  

4 – Most in the Student Ministry have normalized alternate forms of family and marriage.  

5 – Secular songs are being played in the local church.  

6 – Worldly dancing, worldly music, smoking, social drinking and getting drunk are acceptable in the local church.  

7 – The local church espouses the values of the surrounding culture more than the instruction of Scripture.  

8 – The local church espouses a culture of entertainment more than Biblical discipleship.  

9 – The local church espouses a culture of opulent greed and narcissism rather than sacrifice and sowing. 10 – Gossip and slander is the norm in the local church.  

11 – If Jesus Christ is only presented as personal Savior rather than Lord of all. 

So here’s the question:

What kind of local church do you attend? 

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