The Free Coffee Club

All my charities drives are based on the ability to take something as

simple as a free cup of coffee to help the world.

 There are lots of business in the world that already offer free coffee.

You walk buy many of them and never notice them.


If you own a business that offers free coffee how about hanging a sign out;  

 “Help The Old Man, Do A Lot of Good”

join The Free Coffee Club” 

That way people feel welcome to sit down and ask about

The Old Man’s Free Coffee Club

Give me a bit and I will have signs you can print out.

Doing Great Things With a Dollar

Let’s take that dollar and put it with a bunch of other people’s dollars
I really want to figure out how to do a cash for trash thing Next. 
I’m thinking about a situation where schools, towns, churches, people, whatever, whoever. Could have a fund raiser by having a trash drive. 
The group would go out and gather up trash and properly remove it from the environment.  
Then we pay them by the pound or something… I don’t know yet but it sounds fun to me.
All we need to do is teach the next generation to be a little better than we were.