Doing Great Things With a Dollar

Doing great things with a dollar. Well, if you just have one, you might get a cup of coffee.  The coffee is free at Prairie House Supply, it always has been since the day no one talks about. Even if you don’t live near the supply store. I bet there is a gas station or grain elevator near you that has free coffee. It’s not always advertised really well, but if you look you will find one. I bet when you find the business giving free coffee, you will also find a bunch of really nice people who love to tell stories. 

Now you got an extra dollar in your pocket, that’s the dollar I’m talking about. Let’s take that dollar and put it with a bunch of other people’s dollar and do things that you can smile and proclaim every day. I don’t know which dollar bought that kid some food but one of them was mine. 

I found these two pictures on the internet, I don’t know when or where they were taken.

One caption stated they were from the great Depression.

We cant help them

But there are people we can help

Let me show you the pictures, of the ones, I want to help

Last Year, Crossroads Community Church managed to collect $300

They sent it to these kids to buy food. The minister of the church, Bill Sander sent it via Western Union. The preacher receiving the money had to walk 100 miles to the closes western union just to pick it up.

 As you can see from the pictures above that money was not wasted.

That was 10 people drinking free coffee for 30 days.

Now for my Idea

The minister in Uganda has been telling Bill (the preacher at Crossroads Community Church) they were thinking about buying a buss for the kids to go…. where ever the kids need to go

 (I don’t really know but that’s not really the point).

That turned into a pipe dream since food has gotten scarce once more and a $4000 dollar bus was just more than could be considered. It was a lot more realistic to ensure they had enough food.

Trust me this will work,

If I can get a thousand people to drink free coffee for 30 days. Simply donate the savings to

Prairie House Supply charities

we could set these kids up with a van (be it a cheap one)

As Well as food, till most of these kids are old enough to work on their own.

That would be so cool for our first Charity Drive

It cost you nothing extra to join the Free Coffee Club. 

Just donate the money to our charity that you were going to spend for morning coffee.

Now Just go make some new friends at a local Free Coffee club in your area.

Lets do a bunch of good for other people.

Think of it, you get to meet a bunch of new people where you get free coffee.

If you don’t drink coffee and still want to help all the better.

The more people we get the more great things we can do for the world.

The Old Man