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Why We Started

Better hemp better health may sounds simple but honestly most hemp company’s just don’t get it. When we started to provide the public with honest farm direct hemp products. It’s unfortunate that people cant trust simple natural products. The big company makes lots of money every day. As you well know, with with big business company’s selling less than honest products.

Selling hemp extracts to the public that was not the plan. We simply wanted to raise the highest quality hemp seed to sell. With the new markets opening, there was lots of people wanting to raise their own hemp, and they were going to need seed. About three years ago we started noticing friends and neighbors buying inferior hemp products at the store. The prices they were and paying was outrageous. Making things worse people started telling us hemp extracts don’t work. We use hemp and we know it works so started looking into what they were buying.  

What we found wrong

We were totally dumbfounded at the products on the market, some claimed to have hemp flower extracts in them and when we took them to the lab and had them tested, all that was in them was hemp seed oil. FYI that’s what they’re selling on amazon, there is no need to pay $50 an oz for that on the internet, you can buy it at your local Walmart for around $25 for a 1/2 gallon. 

Hear is the low-down dirty truth about hemp extracts, hemp seed oil is normally the carrier oil and hemp flower extracts contain most of the active ingredients. What you want is a product with both seed and flower extracts. When you buy from CBDMAX we decided to stay with an all-hemp unflavored unflavored simple tenure. It is our opinion that adding things like flavoring and MCT oil only reduces the benefits of the all-natural product.  

We Started because of Advertising Falsies 

The other brands may have fancy websites, television adds with girls with little bitty and DDD Dam… and yes this works they get lots of business. The problem is it all cost money and they pass that cost on to you to sell you on their products poor quality products. At we didn’t waste your money on petty pictures, we have a simple Goal, provide a high quality hemp product to as many people as possible at a fair price. We use a simple website, a simple order from, and all-natural recycled packaging where and when we can. That way we can pass the savings on to you.

I have always thought people wanted what was inside the bottle to be amazing, not the advertising. 

CBDMAX is a better choice

We Started it to provide everyone with a farm direct solution. would love for you to buy your hemp products from We truly love our hemp products. Every year, we plant the seeds, water and hoe the weeds, harvest and dry the hemp. Then in the winter, we use a cryogenic food grade ethanol extraction process to make clean pure hemp extracts to be used to provide you with amazing reasonably priced hemp products so that as many people as possible can be helped. 

If you are looking for a company that can provide you. Small Batch, Clean, Pure, Safe, lab Tested, Bottled and Shipped to you products all at one farm. 

That would be

By. The Farmers of We3Farm

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